5 Best AI Writing Software for 2021

A good writing software is essential for all writers. It helps us get your work done when we don’t feel like doing it. This is especially so when we encounter the familiar “writer’s block”. With a writing software, it can help us to get unstuck.

In recent years, as machine learning improves in leaps and bounds, AI writing software has also significantly improved in their quality of articles. With it, we can generate content for our websites at a much faster speed. I believe this may just be the game changer for writers in 2021.

We test out 5 of such software programs for you and evaluate them based on the following criteria:

  1. Readibility, Relevance and Quality of the article
  2. Uniqueness of the article – we test them using Quetext’s and Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism checker and show you the results.
  3. Pricing – to get a fair comparison, we will equalize each plan to the number of articles we can generate.

To ensure the test is fair, we start a single input for the article idea “How to Save Money” and see what we get in each case.

Are you ready to find out our test results? Read on more!

1) Writesonic

AI writing software

Writesonic is an AI-powered Saas tool that enables you to write content for many different uses in just a couple of seconds. Be it landing pages, adverts, product descriptions or more, the OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology will be able to create something useful for you.

In Writesonic’s dashboard, there are 19 different writing tools covering from blog articles, digital ad copy, landing page copy, eCommerce copy templates.


To generate the article for comparison, we make use of the “AI Article Writer” tool. This takes us through a 4-step process, during which we are required to input the article idea, and an introduction paragraph of 100-150 words.

You can choose to write the 100-150 words on your own to describe what you want in this article. Instead, I used 1 credit to generate this introduction paragraph using the “AI Article Intro” tool in Writesonic.

Writesonic then provides options for the article outlines, and proceeds to generate the article based on the outline I chose. This is the article generated and used a total of 7 credits.

Click Here to open Writesonic’s sample article.

Readibility, Relevance and Quality

I honestly liked Writesonic’s articles the best out of all the generated articles. It gave an introduction and a conclusion which provided a sense of completeness for an article. The content generated was relevant and provide a good depth for the topic. At 1,367 words, it is at a good length for a quality blog article. It ticked the box of “High Quality” for me.

Content Uniqueness

writesonic plagiarism

Grammarly premium and Quetext gave a plagiarism score of 4% and 11% for Writesonic’s article, respectively. These are considered respectable scores since the topic is a general topic which had other websites covering it.


Based on my testing, each quality article would require around 7 credits. With that, I will be evaluating how many articles in each plan based how many can be used in the “AI article writer” tool.

The available pricing tiers for Writesonic is as follows:

PricingCredits# of Articles$/article

Best for:

Busy Business Owners wanting excellent articles without too much tweaking.

From my testing, I find that Writesonic gives the best effort/article quality ratio. Although I used a combination of writing tools in Writesonic to finally arrive at the article, it wasn’t all that difficult. For that amount of work, I am impressed by the article quality.

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writesonic price

2) Article Forge

article forge

Article Forge uses incredibly sophisticated deep understanding algorithms to automatically write articles in the same way that a human does.

ArticleForge is very user-friendly. Just by providing the input of “How to Save Money” as the main keyword, the article can be generated. There is an option to add on sub-keywords to influence the direction of the article, but I did not make use of it in this test.

The maximum article length available was ~750 words, so I went with this option since we would prefer long form for blog article content. The following article was generated.

Click Here to open Article Forge’s sample article.

Readibility, Relevance and Quality

The article generated delivered on Article Forge’s promise on writing articles the way human do. With just a single phrase of input, Article Forge created an article with a good structure for easy reading. It also gave sufficient depth in the information provided, making it a good quality article at a length of 780 words.

Content Uniqueness

article forge plagiarism

The plagiarism checks gave a score of 1% on Grammarly Premium and 4% on Quetext. These are good scores indicating a large majority of unique content created.


Article Forge’s pricing structure is simple. There is only 1 plan which gives unlimited article generation. It’s charged at $57/mth when paid monthly, or $27/mth when paid annually.

article forge pricing

Best for:

Busy Business Owners who are good with articles < 1000 words.

Article Forge was a simple to use tool and can generate a short article with just a single phrase input. However, the longest possible article it can generate is in the range of 750 words. This would fall short of the long form article length of 1500-3000 words which the search engines look for at times.

However, if article length is not a big concern for you, then Article Forge is a great tool. Simple to use, and achieves its objective quickly. It is also cheaper compared to Writesonic.

3) Conversion.ai a.k.a Jarvis


Conversion.ai is a US-based company utilizing AI to write proven, high converting copy for ads, emails, websites, listings, blogs, and more.

Once logged into Conversion.ai, there are 39 different templates covering different uses from marketing frameworks, Instagram, YouTube descriptions to blog posts. Narrowing down into the templates for blog posts, we can see 5 of them.

jarvis dashboard

Immediately what I noticed is that they do not have an option to generate a full blog post in the templates. Hence, I made use of a combination of “Blog Post Intro Paragraph”, the “Blog Post Outline” and then expanding on the items in the outline using either the “Sentence Expander” or “Content Improver” templates.

Note: Conversion.ai’s Pro Plan does have a very highly raved “Long Form Assistant” template to generate long form content. However, it was not available at this point in time, so this review is based on the Starter Plan features. There will also be a price difference between the two plans which needs to be taken into consideration.

This is the article generated and 580 word credits were used.

Click Here to open Jarvis’ sample article.

Readibility, Relevance and Quality

Although the article was short at only 316 words, the blog post outline provided a good structure for readers. The language used flows well and can pass off easily as human written content. With more tweaking using the other templates in Conversion.ai, I believe the article can still be improved on.

Content Uniqueness

jarvis plagiarism

The article received plagiarism scores of 10% and 14% from Grammarly Premium and Quetext respectively. This is the highest among all the 5 writing software featured in this article, but it is still nevertheless a reasonably low score for blog post articles.


jarvis pricing

Conversion.ai starts at $29/month giving 20,000 word credits. If more word credits are needed, upgrades can be done within the member’s area. By the way, if you sign up by clicking the button below, you will get an additional 10,000 word credits, that’s almost 50% more!

From my testing, to generate a 316-word article, I used 580 word credits. Hence, if we were to generate a 1000 word article, approximately 1800 word credits will be required.

This gives 11 articles with the $29/month plan, averaging $2.60/article. This is quite similar to Writesonic.

Best for:

Content Creators who can master the learning curve to attain excellent articles.

There is a learning curve in using Conversion.ai. Among all the 5 writing software covered in this article, I spent the most time trying to figure out how to get a quality article using this tool. I wouldn’t consider myself a master at this tool yet though.

One very cool feature about this tool, is that we can set the tone of the writing. This is a unique feature of Conversion.ai, which no other writing software has right now. With this feature, the words come to life and can better engage readers, holding their attention.

jarvis voice

4) Kafkai


Kafkai is a machine-learning algorithm that can write articles from scratch. It is developed by Niteo, a SaaS studio founded in 2007 with the mission of building solutions to empower small businesses online.

In Kafkai, the dashboard is classified into different niches. At this point in time, there are 29 available niches. However, Kafkai is still in the process of expanding the number of available niches in their platform. So, don’t be worried if you can’t find your niche at the moment.

kafkai dashboard

For the article I want to generate, I selected the “Finance” niche, and input “How to Save Money” into the article seed. I chose to generate 3 articles and amongst them, I found only 1 to be relevant to the topic I wanted. This is also the article I feature below.

Click Here to open Kafkai’s sample article.

Readibility, Relevance and Quality

The content generated is relevant to the topic. Some minor edits will be required to provide a little more structure to the article for readers to find it easy to consume. The article length is decent at 866 words, which is quite sufficient for a quality blog post.

Content Uniqueness

kafkai plagiarism

Grammarly premium and Quetext gave a plagiarism score of 1% and 10% for Kafkai’s article, respectively. This gives a vote of confidence on Kafkai’s claim that they can generate unique content with this machine learning algorithm.


Kafkai has 4 different pricing plans.

kafkai price

Best for:

Budget-conscious Business Owners who need one-off small quantity of 100-250 articles which are < 1000 words.

Kafkai is simple to use, although not all articles generated may be super relevant. The content generated is unique and can be employed in blog content for shorter articles. An initial glance at the pricing plan seems to suggest that the cost of each article is low. However, in comparison to Article Forge’s unlimited plan then it pales in comparison.

The only scenario under which this plan would be advantageous is when one only needs a small number of articles, say 100-250. Taking a Kafkai Writer or Newsroom plan would then allow one to generate all the articles in a month and then terminate the plan after. This would be cheaper than Article Forge’s monthly plan at $57/mth.

5) Articoolo


Articoolo is an Israeli startup founded in end 2014. It utilizes a content writing robot to create unique articles with just a short phrase of 2-5 keywords.

Generating an article in Articoolo is rather simple. Using the “create article” option, just type in the article idea in 2-5 words. However, typing in “How to Save Money” did not manage to give me an article. Instead, a pop-up notice told me to rephrase my input.

After a few more tries, Articoolo accepted my input of “Money Saving Tips” and shortly generated me this article.

Click Here to open Articoolo’s sample article.

Readibility, Relevance and Quality

The content generated was relevant and coherent. However, it lacked the depth and elaboration to attain the standard of a good quality article. It was only 291 words long and would probably be sufficiently good for a section of an article.

Content Uniqueness

articoolo plagiarism

Grammarly Premium gave a plagiarism score of 8%, while Quetext said no plagiarism was found! Either way, these are very respectable scores indicating unique content from Articoolo.


Articoolo is more flexible in their pricing structure, allowing users to either Pay-per-use or go for a monthly subscription plan.

articoolo pricing

Best for: NIL

Articoolo’s article is of good relevance to the topic and had low plagiarism scores. It is good for short write ups of < 500 words. However, the pricing is less competitive compared to Kafkai prices. Weighing the various factors, we are unable to envision a scenario in which using this software will be more beneficial over the others. We have listed it nevertheless in case you were looking for a review on it.


With the many writing software options available to us, we no longer need to struggle with trying to fight the “writer’s block” or having to manage freelancing writers. We can easily get an article in just moments with the help of writing software.

Depending on your needs, one of them may suit you better over another. We summarize below which group of people each tool will be best for here! You will find something which is suitable for you.


Busy Business Owners wanting excellent articles without too much tweaking.

Article Forge

Busy Business Owners who are good with articles < 1000 words.

Conversion.ai a.k.a Jarvis

Content Creators who can master the learning curve to attain excellent articles.


Budget-conscious Business Owners who need one-off small quantity of 100-250 articles which are < 1000 words.

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