Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels – 3 Best Website Builders For 2021

Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels

In 2021, it is significantly more and more vital that organizations have an online presence to guarantee they continue to remain competitive. For brand-new companies, an online platform enables much better reach while keeping ongoing costs low, increasing the probability of success. Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels

Depending on how you are preparing to utilize this site, and your level of technical knowledge, there are numerous aspects to take into account while picking an excellent option for your site designer.

Some aspects to think about would be:

  • Alleviate of use (templates).
  • Degree of flexibility and capability to personalize.
  • Page load speed.
  • E-commerce carts combination.
  • Pricing and Refund Policy.

Among the website designers that we have utilized, we bring you the 3 finest site builders that we have actually bought ourselves. At the same time, we will evaluate the pros and cons of each so that you can get a much better idea which will be the best suitable for you.

So, here’s our # 1 Option!

1) GrooveFunnelsTM

Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels

GrooveFunnelsTM is an all-in-one website builder. It includes all the modules that you would need to run a successful business on the internet and much more! Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels

Here are a few of the readily available groove modules, however the list is always broadening …

  • GroovePagesTM – construct your funnel pages
  • GrooveSellTM – world-class digital sales platform that helps you to promote and take payments for physical items, digital items, services and memberships to your consumer
  • GrooveAffiliateTM – running your own internal affiliate program is going to be a breeze with this.
  • GrooveVideoTM – hosting for the videos you require on your pages.
  • GrooveMemberTM – run a subscription program from here.
  • GrooveMailTM – stay connected with your leads, customers and customers with this autoresponder
  • GrooveKart StoresTM – this is an online store for e-commerce where you can note your items to offer!


  • All-in-one  service  site builder
  • Free Lifetime Basic Plan, with  choice to  update to Platinum
  •  Thirty days refund policy for Platinum Upgrade
  • Easy to set up with  lots of available page  design templates.
  • E-commerce  service (i.e. Groovekart) is  consisted of in the  site builder
  • Housed on cloud hosting: page loads super-fast and is  quickly scalable.
  • Able to SEO  enhance pages on GroovePages, for search traffic to  find your page easily.


  • Some groove modules are currently still in beta. It is possible to set up a completely operating funnel and e-commerce store with the present available modules.

Who is it suitable for?

GrooveFunnelsTM appropriates for anybody who is launching a brand-new online website, and for skilled website builders who are aiming to reduce expenses of keeping a website. It appropriates for both paid or totally free traffic methods and is indeed an all-in-one solution for any businesses going on the internet.

How much is the investment?

When you desire to scale up your business, the best part is that there is a life time basic plan where you can start upgrade and small. For a totally free standard plan, this is really loaded with awesome worth!

>> Get my Free Lifetime Basic GrooveFunnelsTM Plan Now

Stacking on even more worth is the lifetime platinum plan for GrooveFunnelsTM. Although it is not free of charge, GrooveFunnelsTM lifetime platinum plan is still best value for money amongst the 3 Website Builders covered in this short article.

The Platinum Upgrade is currently on a one payment for lifetime gain access to. Once the modules finish this beta stage, it will then transit to a monthly/annual payment. It’s best to get this lifetime deal while it’s still offered!

Here’s a comparison of the Lifetime Platinum GrooveFunnelsTM versus other alternatives in the market… Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels

2) WebflowTM

Since of the power it puts in our hands, we like WebflowTM and continue to use it along with our other website builders. With WebflowTM, we can develop outstanding sites in their visual canvas, customizing every pixel, interaction, and animation on the page, all without making use of coding.

WebflowTM has two types of plans: Site Plans and Account Plans.

With Site Plans, webhosting and content management system (CMS) is included. There are also site strategies covering e-commerce solutions, where the personalized shopping carts are covered also.

For Account Plans, webhosting is not included. You can think about it as simply a standalone static website builder. After completing the webpage, it will need to be exported out to a webhosting to be deployed as a website on the internet.

Fixed pages have its advantages like faster page packing speed, and less prone to security breaches. If you’re preparing to run a blog, it’s easier to have a content management system (CMS) which is only offered in the Site Plans.


  • Exceptionally personalized site builder, allowing every pixel personalization, use of interactions and animations on pages with no coding
  • Site Plans are hosted on cloud hosting, so it makes sure super-fast page loading speeds and capability to scale your service quickly
  • Design templates are offered for all plans, conserving time instead of developing each element from scratch
  • 1 month refund period for any paid plans
  • Readily available for sophisticated SEO controls, to enable search traffic to quickly find your page. Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels


  • No complimentary tier for site plans. Complimentary tier is offered for 2 tasks on account strategies.
  • Prices is on a monthly or annual strategy basis, which will be more compared to GrooveFunnelsTM Platinum Lifetime Plan in the long run.

Who is it suitable for?

WebflowTM is suitable for anybody who likes full control over the style aspects of their site, bringing up the elegance level in their sites. Also, you want to do it quick, and without having the requirement to use codes for the animations and interactions .

Just how much is the investment?

As mentioned earlier WebflowTM has two  kinds of of plans: Site Plans and Account Plans. Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels

3) WordPress on Interserver Webhosting

WordPress has actually been an extremely popular choice for the last 10 years for constructing sites. With the duration it has actually been in the market, a substantial variety of plugins and styles have been created for the wordpress platform. Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels

These themes and plugins do whatever from SEO optimization, optimizing page load speeds, to enabling more advanced page designs on top of what the wordpress platform offers. Most of the plugins have a totally free tier, and after that a premium paid tier. Hence, having lots of premium paid styles and plugins could seriously add up to rather a fair little cash.

Without plugins and styles, the wordpress platform is a simply simple blogging platform that’s usually consisted of when you take a wordpress hosting plan with any webhost.

For this reason, depending on what you require, this site builder service could be rather economical with very little paid plugins and themes. If you desire a platform where you can have e-commerce shopping carts and sophisticated website design, the paid plugin and styles might end up costing more than both GrooveFunnelsTM platinum lifetime plan and WebflowTM site plans.

For our team, we use wordpress on a basic hosting plan with Interserver webhost. When we need specific functions that only a wordpress plugin can deliver, we utilize this site builder choice. There are a few reasons that we choose Interserver webhosting– for just $5.00 a month, we feel that it delivers fantastic worth and the websites load decently quick.

If their servers are strained, webhosting can impact page load speeds. When it comes to Interserver, we mored than happy at the page load speeds, even at the basic shared hosting tier. If you require faster speeds, Interserver also gives you the option of VPS or Dedicated server strategies. Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels


  • Cost-effective alternative for easy blogging websites
  • Interserver’s plans are $5 each month charged at the start of monthly. Unlike other hosting business that charge a few years up front and pumps up the charges upon renewal.
  • Free migration of site from other webhosting companies. When you do need more bandwidth for your website, this likewise implies they will move your site from your basic hosting to vps for totally free.
  • Unlimited variety of websites.


  • Not scalable, however is mitigated by the complimentary migration if you update your plan with Interserver
  • Advanced personalization choices only available with paid styles and plugins which could amount to quite a reasonable bit of expense.

Who is it suitable for?

This alternative of using WordPress with Interserver Hosting is finest suited for a simple blogging website that does not need excessive advanced modification.

Just how much is the investment?

The standard hosting plan starts off at $5.00 per month. VPS and other strategies they offer are competitive. Adding Your Custom Domain To Groovefunnels

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